Welcome to the RDA Groups area

This section is for volunteers involved in the running of an RDA Group. As an RDA Group you have a duty of care to all those participating in the activity and visiting your location.

A Group must do all it reasonably can to reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others and it may be held legally liable if it fails to do so.

Cover has been arranged for RDA Groups for their RDA approved activities, as follows:

Public & Products Liability 

To protect the RDA Group and its committee against the cost of a claim made against it for injury or damage to someone else or their property. Cover is provided by Hiscox Underwriting and WR Berkley Insurance up to a maximum limit of £20million.

Employers Liability

Covers an RDA Group, if it is held liable for an injury that an employee/volunteer suffers during the course of their employment with that Group. The Limit of indemnity for this cover is £10million. This is a legal requirement for any organisation that employs anyone. Cover is provided by Hiscox Underwriting.

Trustees Indemnity

All trustees have a personal liability for any claim that is made against the RDA Group for breach of duty. Examples include:

  • Mismanagement of Group funds
  • Breach of fire safety regulations
  • Corporate manslaugher.
Trustees Indemnity cover is provided by Hiscox Underwriting and WR Berkley Insurance, specifically to protect the trustees, to a maximum of £7.5million.  To view the Combined Liability Policy wording please click here.

Legal Expenses

Groups receive the benefit of a Legal Expenses policy and free legal helpline through ARAG plc, the policy covers the following topics : Employment Disputes, Employment compensation awards, Employment restrictive covenants, Tax Protection, Property, Legal Defence, Compliance & Regulation, Statutory Licence appeals, Loss of earnings, Employees Extra Protection, Contract & Debt Recovery, Crisis Communication

Legal and tax advice:  0344 571 7978

Redundancy Approval: 0117 917 1698

Crisis Communication:  0344 571 7964

Counselling Assistance: 0333 000 2082

Claims Line: 0117 917 1698

Please click here to view the Arag policy wording

Please note if as a Group, you take & follow your own separate Legal advice it may prejudice your position in the event of a claim under their policy

Please note if you feel that your Group should arrange a higher limit of indemnity to those stated above, please contact Howden to discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange a quotation.


We are delighted to advise that Howden are able to arrange Public Liability & Employers Liabvility cover for able bodied fundraising activity that falls outside of the RDA remit.

A copy of the Policy Wording & Client Agreement can be viewed here

If you wish to obtain a new quotation for your one off event please complete the proposal form and return it to Chris Rhodes at Howden: email c.rhodes@howdengroup.co.uk


If you have a query relating to your existing cover via the RDA Insurance please call Yvonne on 0121 698 8051.


Please also note that Groups wishing to attend RDA approved external events (involving non-able bodied) can now obtain cover by contacting Peter Dean at the RDA and completing the External Event Form.