FAQs for Coaches

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance is defensive insurance that protects against a claim made against you, including the cost of legal fees. The RDA has arranged the following classes of insurance cover for its coaches:

Public Liability - accidental bodily injury to third parties and or damage to third party property

Professional Indemnity - injury following coaching/instruction including incidental advice

Libel & Slander - liability following something you might have said or written down (including defamation claims)

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What is the Limit of Indemnity?

In the event of claim the limit of indemnity is the maximum the policy will pay. The following limits are provided by the RDA insurance scheme:

£20million Public Liability

£10million Professional Indemnity (including Libel & Slander).

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Why is a £20million Public Liability Limit of Indemnity required?

Howden believe that £20million is the appropriate amount of cover to provide RDA Groups, coaches and volunteers with peace of mind in the event that an individual is held responsible for causing a catastrophic injury. Claims involving sport and recreation injuries have already exceeded £10million in recent years with court awards escalating annually. 

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Are there any policy excesses?

Yes, a £250 excess applies to any third party property damage claim.

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Am I covered if my Coaches Review is out of date?

Coaches reviews must be up-to-date. If this is not the case your insurance may be invalidated for RDA sessions. 

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Where am I covered to Instruct?

The RDA Insurance policy will provide you with cover whilst you are coaching in any RDA recognised activity.

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Does the cover provide any Legal Expenses?

Yes, but only in the defence of claims.

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What do I do if I become aware of, or am involved in an incident?

You should immediately record all relevant information as defined in the RDA Claims advice sheet.

If there are verbal or written allegations made against you, please click here to notify Howden of the incident.

What significant exclusions or limitations apply to the Liability policy?

  • Criminal acts
  • Incidents prior to the retroactive date, please refer to the 'Summary of cover'
  • Abuse cover - the person accused of abuse / alleged to be the abuser
  • Incidents known to you but not reported to the Insurers
  • Fines, penalties of punitive damages
  • Loss of, or damage to, property in your custody or control
For details of the full policy exclusions please refer to the Policy Wording.

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