Welcome to the RDA Insurance Centre

Whether you are an RDA Group, trustee, volunteer or coach, you will find information here about the insurance, arranged by the RDA, to protect you whilst taking part in our sport.

RDA Groups are covered by a Combined Liability policy which includes Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Trustees Indemnity.  Representatives also have access to a Legal Expenses policy and a number of helpline services.  For further information regarding cover for RDA Groups click here.

RDA volunteers and coaches are also covered for Combined Liability, as well as Personal Accident benefits in the event they are injured whilst conducting their RDA related activities. 

For further information regarding cover for volunteers and staff, click here.

For further information regarding cover for coaches, click here.

Should you require any further information regarding any of the RDA insurances, please follow links to the Frequently Asked Questions which have been compiled in relation to each specific section of cover.  Alternatively telephone your insurance broker, Howden, on 0121 698 8051.


If your Group is using any kind of electrical or mechanical equipment, lifting appliance or pressure plant, click here to see the RDA Engineering Plant Guide.

Please note: all information relating to insurance is valid only until the renewal date of any particular policy, for details of cover after that date please contact Howden.